Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic Imaging

Our studio relies on a network of structures to provide a complete service to the patient. The specific diagnostic imaging service for arthrofibrosis is available with X-rays, CT scan, bone scan and 3 Tesla magnetic resonance, depending on specific needs.

An accurate and sensitive imaging method is needed to better diagnose arthrofibrosis by identifying the affected tissues.

Along with imaging, tests for inflammation and for infection may be helpful. Following a diagnosis of arthrofibrosis, there should be a determination of the degree of inflammation present, but traditional inflammatory markers such as CRP and ESR are not sensitive enough in arthrofibrosis.

Where indicated, an inflammatory cytokine panel blood test is useful to guide treatment.

In case of a previous injury or surgical procedure it is important to test the synovial fluid in the affected joint and/or conduct a special scintigraphy to rule out an infection.