The European Knee Arthrofibrosis Center takes care of patients with arthrofibrosis also through a Telehealth service, to facilitate remote evaluations from anywhere in the world.

At the cost of a face-to-face consultation, it's possible to commence the assessment in order to understand if further diagnostic imaging and/or exams (eg. blood tests, cytokine panel, etc.) is necessary to completely evaluate the specific clinical case.

The aim is to minimize travel costs for patients and, only when all the necessary documentation and diagnostic imaging are collected, plan - if necessary - an in-person evaluation with our arthrofibrosis team, whether this is a physical therapy and/or orthopaedic assessment depending on each patient's case.

However, an on-site diagnostic imaging service is available in case of need at the time of your in-person consultation.

Telehealth is therefore an ongoing service that can be useful:

  • when the patient undergoes a surgical intervention followed by physical therapy in the acute phase with our team specialized in knee arthrofibrosis in Switzerland and, once ready to leave, returns home to continue rehabilitation and subsequently the re-training guided by our specialists in collaboration with a local physical therapist
  • when the patient proceeds/proceeded already with a surgical approach elsewhere and needs to be supported for any need and/or doubt during the rehabilitation process (including the pre-operative phase)
  • when he/she can't travel to our center but needs guidance and supervision to structure and follow-up a specialized rehabilitation program for knee arthrofibrosis